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Welcome to The Manifestation Q&A Series.

 I am Jennifer Pastiloff and this series is designed to introduce the world to someone I find incredible. Someone who is manifesting their dreams on a daily basis.

Today’s guest is Spencer Paysinger, #55 on the NY Giants football team. Yes, the ones who just won the 2012 Superbowl! 

Spencer is one of the most incredible people I have ever met. I am so excited he has started a yoga practice and that I have been on this journey with him. (He kicks major butt, too. You should see him headstand!)

The cool thing about how us is that we met through social media. He tweeted that he was looking for a yoga instructor and a bunch of people tweeted my name to him. I love when social media works to bring people together like that.

There are no accidents.

He followed his…

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Good Morning America with Jennifer Pastiloff – New Year, New You: 2012′s Fitness Trends.

The Manifest-Station

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Good Morning America with Jennifer Pastiloff – New Year, New You: 2012′s Fitness Trends..


Congrats to Dirty and Thirty contributer Jennifer Pastiloff who ROCKED it this morning on ABC’s Good Morning America. She inspires us every Monday, helping up all manifest what we want in our life.

Good Morning America 12/26/2011 Jennifer Pastiloff – New Year, New You: 2012′s Fitness Trends

“You can’t take life so seriously, so why should yoga be any differnt…” –JENNIFER PASTILOFF 
“Just rock out, have fun, don’t make it about being good, or perfect.  Perfect People are boring people.” –JENNIFER PASTILOFF


We love you Jen,


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